Salpaus, Arts and crafts, Artisan of props
Helsinki university, Aesthetics
Pekka Halonen academy of art,  Artisan of fine arts
Keuda vocational school, Costume, dressmaker
TSL, radio-journalist
Hyria education center,  blacksmith, metal worker

and several courses for: 
costume-making, material handling, and the visual arts. e.g: traditionat wickerwork techniques/Sri Lanka, Templedance-costumes/Thailand, Artistic concrete casting,/Kambodia, pottery techniques/China...



Props/art departmen:

2020 Vuosisadan häät, art department
2019 What remains, movie, art department,  Film service finland oy 
2017 Veljeni vartija, movie, art department, Helsinkifilmi oy, 
2020-21 Sekasin2, art department, It´s Alive
2019 Modernit miehet, tv-series, art department, Moskito tv
2018-19 Whitewall, tv-series, art department, Moskito tv,
2018 Sudenhetki, tv-series, art department, Warner bros international, .
2017-18 Koukussa 2, tv-series, art department, Moskito tv, 
2016-17 Karppi, tv-series, art department, Dionysos-films
2021 Oral ad, props, Cocoa mediaproduktions
2020 s-market christmas-ad, art dept., bob the robot
2020 Fazer ad, art dept., Lucy loves stories
2020 Dna-advertising,  scale model master, oy directors Guild ab 



2015-2019 artist co-operation with  Constantin Morte photography, 
2019-21 Aennu, musicvideos : "Pisara" , "Mitä jos" and "A.E.N.N.U" (props, scenery, costumes, make upp...),
2019 Cecil Opia, musicvideo, "fountain" (costume, scenery), 
2012-16 costumes/scenery for Maantyttäret, including  Maantyttäret-shortmovie, Karhunkilta produktions (directing,costumes, scenery)
2015 ancient markets of Koli,  2014 and  2013 ancient markets of Hämeenlinna, (costumes, props)
2015 Kirjokansi-shortmovie, Theatre Wakka Kilta, (wardrope)
2012 Art Museum of Kerava, Palikka ooppera, (scenery)
2004-2005 The Finnish National Theatre,  (wardrobe)
2000-2007 mr. Money show, (wardrope)
costumes for: Kerava elocutionists, book covers for Pastori Kärme (eg Sofi Oksanen, Juha Vuorinen), Kerava Dance Institute, Theatre Wakka Kilta, Järvenpää Theatre (+lights / sounds), 
and for bands: Another Dawn, Aennu, Cecil Opia, Sydän sydän , Sorrow eyes,  Saattue, Händikäppers, My divine creature, Kirjokansi



2015 Shaman-drum making and drum meditation, several courses
2014 Idea, alku, Pilke, polte, Lecture about the birth of her own art, Taide elää- Association
2014 joy of art, guidance for artworks, Nurmij. municipality
2013 Art criticism evening, Nurmijärvi Art Association
2011-13 Teaching of natural materials machining, fire making et al. Antiquity related (in connection with exhibitions)
2012  Ancient manufacturing shoes, Karhunkilta Community
2012 Plant dyeing, Maantyttäret-movie, costume design department
2012 Leather aging, Maantyttäret-movie, costume design department


Jury for artshows:

 2014 Municipality of Nurmijärvi, art collection exhibition
 2013 Nurmijärvi Art Association, Annual Exhibition
 2012 Nurmijärvi Art Association, Annual Exhibition


2018   Usvaneito, Trio, Lahti
2014    Hukkuneet, Järvenpää-Talo
2012    Unohduin Yöhön, book release show, galleria Alli, Kerava
            2012-13 (Kerava- ja Viikki library, Lumo-hall)
2010    Maantyttäret, Galleria Alli, Kerava
             2010-12 (Järvenpää-, Tuusula, Tikkurila-, Kallio-  ja Cello  library)
2007    Juhlapuun alla, Studio kantti, Helsinki
2006    Takomon aarteita, Studio Kantti, Helsinki
2005    Shamaanirumpu, Studio Kantti, Helsinki
2004    Tanssiinkutsu, With Ari Tukiainen, Studio Kantti, Helsinki
1999    Hirviöt, Galleria Alli, Kerava
1998    Tanssivia naisia, Keravan kirjaston ikkuna


Group exhibitions:

2014       Pekka Halonen Academy, Final Exhibition
2012-14 KuumArt, annual Exhibitions, Gustavelund x2 Tuusula, Järvenpää-talo
2012-14  KuumArt autumn exhibitions, Hämeenlinna library, Karkkila library,Sipoo library
2013       Summer exhibition of Keravan kartano 
2011-13  KuumArt Christmas Trade Shows, Kerava
2012    Palikkaooppera, Kerava Art Museum


other jobs:

Books:  Unohduin yöhön, Bod, 2012 (Writer)
Music:  Aennu, Utu, 2019 (singer/songwriter)
1998-1999 Keravan Library, (window construction, author visits, visual works)
 1996-98 Lähiradio, journalist / radio-theater, (the script and directing)



KuumArt ry
JärvenpääArt Association ry
Porvoo Art Association ry
SKJ, UKJ, Karhunkilta

Honorary appointment:
KuumArt  ry,  Member of the Board, exhibition committee 
Uudenmaan Kuvataidejärjestöt ry, (Art association of southern Finland) President 
Karhunkilta ry, President









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